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That Busy People can achieve results  busy with the Family, Jobs , Business, School, Careers.  
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That Busy People can achieve results  busy with the Family, Jobs , Business, School, Careers.  
"This Is Truly A Limited Offer"
So Claim Your FREE Copy Now Before They're All Gone...
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  • This is for normal working People who are busy with the Family, Jobs , Business,School, Careers. BEFREEBESLIM Will Give You Time saving and awesome results around your busy Schedule.
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meet the Women behind the book
Martine Wilkie
I would have so enjoyed reading a book like this one a few years ago! A book that could provide me with a lasting solution to a problem I wanted to eliminate in my life forever... a problem that weighed heavily in the balance, not only physically but also emotionally and psychologically. 

I read so many books on the subject! Several of them give advice on how to eat well and lose weight, but none could deliver me of the mental obsession I was constantly facing regarding food and my body. All I wanted was to live the life of someone who had always been free and slim with his way of eating. I lived a real nightmare by imposing dietary restrictions on myself that you could not think of. I could not bear it anymore! I wanted to get out of this deadlock, but did not know how. I did not want to live my life with restrictions forever

My desire was fulfilled! I am living proof of God’s work, and this book is its testimony. I am really happy to bring you the revelations that my husband Allen and I have received from the Lord in the course of several months. Today, I live the life of a person completely free with food and perfectly well in her body. I firmly believe that we have not received these revelations only for ourselves but for you also. I did not want to be blessed and go back to my life alone in my corner and keeping silent about this miracle. God put in my heart to share with others what I had received. After all, that is what the Kingdom of God is.   If you take advantage of these revelations, you will be blessed, delivered, and feel well in your body.

God is so great and powerful! He sees the needs of His children and one of these major needs is physical and mental health.I am convinced this book will bring a revolution by helping God’s people to walk in physical and emotional prosperity.  
Here Are the Busy People That did Not Have 
Time To Be In The Gym building Muscle  And On tough Diets 
Here Are There Awesome Stories!!!
What People Are Saying About This Incredible Book On...
Review By Eric C. 
eric C. the 13/10/2016
Well-crafted book: easy and pleasant to read, complete and practical. I already lost a little weight. I have been encouraged in my spiritual life and intend to continue to practice counseling. I highly recommend !
Another Awesome Testimony..
Review By YVONNE M
I bless God for all the revelations contained in this book. I had several diets in my life without ever managing to maintain my weight loss. It was without counting on all the torment that I lived in my relationship with food. I follow the program 777 and I live miraculously transformations as well at the level of my body as at the level of my soul. My entourage is stunned to see my metamorphosis. Glory to the Lord. I know that this good work that He began in me He will complete because he is Faithful. The Word of God is very effective for those who apply it with faith and perseverance. It is broad-spectrum and applies to ALL areas of our life. Glory to God for his Word that frees us...
Another Awesome Testimony..
Review By Isabell D
Since reading this book, I have had many deliverances in my soul that was sick ... and it was reflected on my body ... I bless the Lord because the book Be free beslim,  it helps me more and more ... I thank the Lord for having   Martine Wilkie, whom God sent to teach us according to His Word ... and that it is true !!! I am blessed abundantly ...

The 54-56 size to Size 40. I Took back what was stoen from me, thanks you for the keys that brought my healing and freedom Glory To God!!!

Jane Smith

My co workers thought that i had became ill cause I was loosing weight quickly HA HA!!! . 50lbs in 7 weeks and my health restored this book is awesome!!!

Michel G

This book is full of keys and not just for our freedom in our thinness !!! It is full of revelations received in prayer ... not to stop at the title but believe in its true victory and freedom! God is good !!! Glory to Him for everything ...

 Pauline W.

fascinating how these easy steps got me to another level get this book it changed my body and mind.

Gérald Michaud

I read the book and followed the keys and lost 120lbs.

Ben Desroches
And more Testimonies!!!
I devoured this book in 2 days. In a week, I thinned and lost 3 kg, I went from 3 digits to 2 digits on the scale (in kg). I no longer curse my body, I feel more and more beautiful, I love myself and I learned to accept myself! I receive compliments from my entourage and especially I have a new look on women, I do not feel more jealous ... I have a peace inside that can not be described ...
Carine of Paris

Since I started reading this book and confessing Words of Life on my body, I have melted and I can put on clothes of 2 smaller sizes ... And I know that in 2012 my body will be in its perfect state as God created me. I confess that my clothes are 8 sizes smaller! Glory to God!
Esther of Paris
I made a trip to Montreal and brought back 3 books for my two friends and me. We made the decision to start the 777 program together and we were amazed to see how this book by the Word of God transformed our lives. My soul is liberated and I have abandoned all diets ... There is a click that has been made in my head and I am free from condemnation. I feel good!!!! I feel my body changed! Thank you Martine & Allen you are an inspiration!
Aimee of Paris

I see day by day, that I am thining, my clothes become too big !!! No idea how many kilos since I have no more scale ... but I know that it melts and that now I see a future, a life expectancy and beautiful future projects. WOW !!! Amen and amen !!

I was referred to the book "SLSM" by a friend, I immediately bought it, I read it very quickly ... Instantly I made the DECISION to apply the program 777, and since then I lost weight 14 kg in 1 year, I have firm skin and above all I finally conquered the spirit of guilt, I immediately stopped eating my emotions and I learned to say "NO THANKS". And it allowed me to testify of the power of Jesus Christ to the "Jewish" nutritionist who followed me for a long time ... And I offered him this extraordinary book !!!! I can now invest my money in the right place, in the house of God ... Thank you Jesus !!!!
Véronique from Paris
This is for normal working People who are busy with the Family, Jobs , Business, School, Careers. BE FREE BE SLIM Will Give You Time Saving and Awesome Results Around Your Busy Schedule.
This is for normal working People who are busy with the Family, Jobs , Business, School, Careers. BE FREE BE SLIM Will Give You Time Saving and Awesome Results Around Your Busy Schedule.
What's inside the book •
The 777 Program consists of seven keys that you will follow for 7 minutes a day during 7 weeks on a consistent basis, day after day, week after week. Follow this program and repeat it until you reach your personal goals.
This book was written for you so you can get your victory. I am absolutely convinced that if you keep this book within sight during the next 7 weeks, if you read and re-read it every day of the week, and apply the principles, you will experience a complete victory in your life! You will be a subject of glory for our God! 
There are some of the incredibly interesting and thought provoking things that you are going to learn inside of this book. I wanted to show you some of my favourite stuff here!
We Will Show You The 7 Roots Of The Problems And Give You The 7 Keys To Conquer:
  • 7Keys For an Absolute Victory
  • 7Minutes Per Day
  • 7Week
  • Eating Disorders and obesity a global spiritual problem
  • The Roots of the Problem ,“Identify the true root of the problem so you may confront it and conquer it. 
  • Generational Curses
  • Ending Another Addiction
Page 42. God wants us:
• To be prosper in every aspect (including our relationship with food and our body).
• To feel very good in our body at all times.
• To have enough breath to climb the stairs.
• To love ourselves in the clothes that we wear.
• To increase our personal dignity.
• To feel great anytime, anywhere and in any occasion.
• To keep our body healthy, holy and perfect in God’s image.
• To have a body free from overweight.
• To be in shape, serene and happy.
• To have all the energy necessary to accomplish the work for which He has destined us.
• To eat nutritious and balanced food.
• To take care of our body: the temple of the Holy Spirit.
• To be balanced, constant and persistent in
everything we do.
• To achieve success in all our businesses.
• To be stable and disciplined.
• To grant us the desires of our heart.
• To reflect the glory of God when people look at us.
Page 148. Eliminate Doubt
The greatest athletes and successful people will tell you
they always see their success before it becomes a reality in
their lives. 
Page 53. D Your Body Cannot Be More
Prosperous Than Your Soul
Your body’s beauty is the extension of
the prosperity of your soul.
Page 146. Deprogramming and Reprogramming
f you believe that food has control over your body, well, it will be so, and you’ll always be a slave.
We Will Show You The 7 Roots Of The Problems And Give You The 7 Keys To Conquer.
Martine wILKIE - BEFREEBESLIM - Copyright @ 2018 - all rights reserved
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